— philosophy —

We understand that for our clients their most valuable asset is often not a line item on their balance sheet, but rather their limited time. While their significant wealth may afford them tremendous opportunities, it often creates significant challenges and added complexity as well. With assets and entities owned by multiple generations and scattered across the globe, teams of professionals vying for their attention and intense demands from family, business and community, it's often a challenge simply trying to keep track of all the moving parts, let alone pro-actively managing the daily activities of the family. With this in mind, Cornerstone Family Office was built to help our clients overcome these unique challenges. By taking the day-to-day responsibility of managing and administering their wealth off their plates, our clients are free to spend more time enjoying their wealth, not being burdened by it.

It is our belief that good information is required to make sound decisions. By identifying potential concerns or new opportunities and providing concise, yet comprehensive information about their assets and overall financial situation, we empower our clients to make informed financial decisions. This same philosophy holds true for the other members of our clients' advisory teams as well. We recognize the importance of having a quarterback that knows all of the moving parts and understands how they fit together. As the independent link between our clients and their existing advisory team (accountants, attorneys, investment advisors, insurance professionals, etc.), we can facilitate the flow of information to each team member, ensuring they have the most current and accurate data possible in order to best advise and serve the family.